Get rid of the responsive guesswork

With OnDevice, there is no more guessing what the design would look like on the client's gadget: you can see it in action on the platform.

OnDevice is an ergonomically-designed responsive tester which aims to consider every aspect of responsive design testing from pixel density to physical width to breakpoint accuracy. You can immediately check how the retina display alters the final look and how the layout behaves on different devices.

Get rid of the responsive guesswork

Cut the testing short

As is the case for most other preparations for client presentations, the testing phase of the design work is unfortunately rarely invoiced. Hence, it's better to make them as short as possible.

OnDevice was designed for efficiency with a scannable horizontal viewport and double scrollbar. You don't waste your time on changing resolution one by one and device by device, which ensures a very quick turnaround and very little effort invested in each testing.

Cut the responsive testing time half

Smoothe Client reviews

The client facing part of the design process requires the lowest possible level of mistiness. The closer the picture is to the real devices, the better.

Showing the design to the clients on their own most-used devices eliminates most of the ambiguity and supports an open discussion about the expectations. In addition, showing it on a clean, distraction-free interface further ensures that there will be no surprises later on. OnDevice lets you present your design with your own agency header and on a device collection set by you.

How does it ensure efficient design revisions?

Device Panorama

OnDevice gives you a quickly scannable test result by showing the devices in one single viewport. Because you don’t need to switch between devices, you can compare them and get a clear overview of how your responsive design looks across multiple devices.

Custom Agency Header

OnDevice is extremely well-suited for presentations. By switching to Presentation mode, you can hide all the settings and show the responsive overview under your name on your own device collection.

From mobile to UHD devices

For comprehensive responsive testing, OnDevice gives you the ability to test on devices of all types. In addition to mobiles and tablets, the most used laptop and office monitor resolutions are also available for testing.

Scaling for screenshotting

If you need to archive the result of the responsive test or client review, you can scale down the viewport for the optimal proportion and take a screenshot to attach to any document for further reference.

Show your responsive design OnDevice -

Try OnDevice In Action

OnDevice is a thoughtful responsive tester that aims to take into consideration every aspect of accurate responsive design testing. It was designed with a distraction-free interface to follow the most natural testing flow and minimize your time spent on testing.

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